Sustainable and clean cultivation, pharmaceutical-grade production, and an exceptional retail experience.

The Strength of American Fiber Co. Is Woven Throughout Our People, Products and Values.

World-class Cannabis Production Across the Value Chain

A Strategy for Growth

AmFi recognized early in the emerging US market that purpose-built, multi-state operators focused on compliance, quality, and cGMP production and manufacturing provided the most defensible position for the company and its shareholders.

Insightful Leadership

The international medical cannabis experience of the AmFi founders, coupled with a deep desire to provide alternative medicines to military veterans, has led the company to develop a nutraceutical and wellness approach to the market.

A Brand for Everyone

By focusing on effects-based outcomes for our products, AmFi has developed a strategy to grow the cannabis market across the generational divide. We are creating a brand that normalizes the cannabis experience and makes it approachable for all ages.

AmFi Locations

Our experienced management team has proven track record of success across the United States, as well as in Colombia and Canada.

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